Hellooooo WordPress!

Man, I have so many ideas on what to write about, yet I just couldn’t decide how to start on my first post ever! Sooooo… I decided to just say hi and kinda introduce myself to the masses. Well, to whoever sees this by chance, accidentally, coincidentally, maybe, possibly, likely not… You get the point. So without further ado (is it just me or did any of y’all also have it that ‘ado’ was some fancy French word spelled ‘adeux’?), here’s my introduction…

Hi! I’m Plectrumgirl, not because I play guitar and aspire to be the next Jimmy Hendrix, but ratger because I recently started wearing a plectrum around my neck. It has been given to me by a close friend, we’ll call him Captain, and now it’s hanging around my neck on a previously rejected silver chain. Thank you Captain, I love it!!

Even though I don’t play guitar, I do have a love for music. I am crazy about Jazz, Alternative Rock, and Indie also! I play piano and a bit of saxophone, and I hope to also learn a truckload of percussion instruments. Why not, right? The more the louder, and the louder the better!

Have you ever heard of henna tattoos? Well, I’m totally obsessed with the stuff! I don’t have a clue how to make it from scratch, and I also don’t know where to buy it from, so I just use permanent marker in a brownish color. Hey, if it works, it works! But in all seriousness, I really need to get me the real thing before I acquire some rare skin disease or something. That would suck.

I’m scared of the deep blue sea. But I love the bay! If you got a jet ski or a speedboat, I wanna be your friend. Just don’t think you’ll see me on one of those TV shows where a guy sets out in a yacht to sail around the Pacific. Big nope. Only way I’m sailing around in catastrophic sea storms is if I go with Captain, see, I trust the guy and he knows how terrified I am of the ocean. Baby steps, Captain, baby steps.

Now, I’m no professional writer or anything, after 11 years of school I still don’t know what an adverbial clause is, but I thought that starting a blog could be a cool way to entertain willing subjects. (That’s you)  Even if I just vent the stuff I’m going through, maaaaybe one of you can relate to that and it could be the coolest thing ever! I find that a sucky situation feels miles better when you know there’s somebody out there who feels the same way you do right now, it’s a weirdly comforting feeling. I’d love to be that for someone. 

Wow, enough deep stuff! Take a deep breath and let it go. Sheesh, sorry about that. Well, that’s all from me for now, but I hope to be back soon! I think I feel like writing about the time I stabbed my brother with a kazoo🤔 But first, ice cream or something cold!